Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture


A2WH-083S produces 51 ounces per day

83s-in-roswell-new-mexico-test-day-closeup-0718160951_800Air Solar Water convert moisture in air into clean liquid water.

Powered entirely by solar energy so it is more scalable and provides lower operational costs than grid powered or refrigeration based Atmospheric Water generators.

It’s a patented design Operates off-grid in hostile desert locations and during emergencies where other Air to Water systems fail.

It will Produce Water from Air even in Deserts and Remote Cabins where no grid power is available.  Each A2WH-83s will produce about 51 ounces per sunny summer day.

  • Delivers maximum water during hot summer conditions when water is most needed.
  • Works off grid in hostile remote or desert locations
  • Ideal source of water when other water sources are not available
  • Perfect long term emergency water supply independent of other infrastructure.
  • Immune to chemicals spills and pollutants that can ruin water filters
  • Easy to scale by adding more A2WH units
  • Patented (AWG) Atmospheric Water Generator USA, Australia and others.

    Common Uses

  • Deliver water so no woman or child has to walk miles to obtain water.
  • Eliminate the need for massive distribution infrastructure to deliver safe water.
  • Provide Water for During Emergencies when power fails.
  • Deliver safe water in locations where municipal supplies fail
  • Supply very clean potable water in locations where municipal supplies are unsafe.
  • Provide water to grow edible trees in remote, dry and hostile locations.
  • Provide water for sheep, cattle and other livestock.
  • Provide mini Oasis to attract wildlife.
  • Deliver water to preserve declining species during drought.
  • Reverse Desertification and sequester massive amounts of Carbon while providing fuel source for sustainable bio-fuel.
  • Reduce or eliminate drought caused famine.
  • Eliminate water scarcity caused migration, the associated refugee crisis and related wars and humanitarian disaster.

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A2WH-83S   (Harvests Water from Air) AWG

Introduction:   A2WH is designed to deliver safe water in off grid locations where electricity and ground water are not available.  It is powered entirely from solar energy and has no dependency on external fuel.      A2WH uses salt desiccants and solar heat without refrigerants making it environmentally friendly.A2WH tolerates low humidity making it ideal for use in desert locations.

A2WH works efficiently in most locations even many locations where daytime humidity is below 10%.  It will generally work OK if during the coldest two hours of the night humidity meets one of the following:

  • Above 55% RH at 45F or higher
  • Above 20% RH at 76F or higher

Multiple A2WH units can be installed as an array to produce more water.    This allows A2WH to deliver as water as needed with easy incremental expansion.

A2WH-83S is fabricated in our A2WH facility and shipped to the customer ready to operate with minor customer installation work.

Rated Production:
  • Rated production 51 ounces,  1508ml,  0.4 gallons, 1.5 liters per summer day with full sun.
  • Production will exceed rated production during sunny days in June, July, Aug.
  • Production will be close to rated production during sunny days Apr, May, Sep, Oct.
  • Production varies when shaded by trees, buildings, hills, etc.
  • Production assumes nighttime humidity during coldest 2 hours of the night is greater than 55% at 45F.   Humidity as low as 20% can work if nighttime temperature above 77F when humidity is highest.
    •  System can work in areas with lower humidity but may require upgraded fans.
    •  Most locations including low humidity deserts like California, Mohave  Dubai and Saudi Arabia meet this requirement because humidity rises at night when the temperature drops.
  • Production will be lower in winter and on cloudy days when less solar energy is available.
  • Estimated production is based on 8 hours of sun with an average intensity at least 1,000 watts per square meter.
  • Temperature must be greater than -4C at night and greater than 3C during day.   Higher night temperatures with high humidity will produce more than lower temperatures at equal humidity.
  • Approximately 220 pounds plus packaging.
  • Packaging may vary depending on shipping destination and customer requests.
  • Patents granted in USA, Israel, Australia with others pending.
Water Outlet:
  • ¼” or 1/8” nipple for flexible tube.
  • Tempered Glass or Acrylic
  • A total of Solar thermal surface area 0.83 square meters (36” by 36”).
  • Additional space consumed by included 50-watt solar panel.
  • Minimum height 25”.
  • (Total Installed height depends on solar tilt.  Which is normally LAT – 15 degrees.  Minimum acceptable tilt is 5 degrees.
  • Tilt that does not have the glazing at a right angle to incoming sunlight at noon will reduce production.
  • Input Air Filters – Can help extend unit life and improve water quality but require upgraded photo voltaic panel, larger battery, larger blower and regular service.  It is generally cheaper to post filter the water with NSF grade 61 filter.
  • Upgraded Solar Panel – Adding larger PV panels allows system to run some blowers at greater speed.  In some locations this can increase production but also tends to waste power.
  • A2WH requires sunlight to operate.  In areas where sunlight is blocked it will not produce as much water.
  • A2WH 83S only includes a simple screen filter.   Advanced design allows the water produced to be quite clean and it will often measure lower in TDS than most municipal desalinated water.  We still recommend using a Final filter on produced water is used to remove any dust and meet potable standards.
  • Warranty is 5 years return to factory with option to pay for field service visit. Liability limited to product repair or replacement.
  • Design life is 20 years but most components should last over 30 years.
  • To reduce size for shipping some field assembly is required.
  • A2WH are shipped very dry to reduce shipping weight.  It can require 4 to 5 days to fully charge with water from local ambient air.  A2WH may not produce at peak efficiency until 5 full days of sun.
  • In locations with deep snow or other blocking of sunlight during winter conditions should remove the battery and store in a safe location where they can be kept charged.
User supplied parts:
  • 12V deep cycle battery with at least 25 Ah storage.
  • Ground, root or other needed mounting brackets.
  • Final water filter, water storage tanks, plumbing from A2WH to storage tanks, etc.

US patent number 8,506,675
AU patent number 2011230503

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