Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture


Members Want to Help

We are currently accepting donations to support deploying our Rain Capture process in areas where water scarcity if causing human suffering.   [paypal-donation purpose=”Ease Water Scarcity” reference=”rain capture”]

Want to Help?

We can use a wide variety of help contact us at and let us know how you would like to be involved or call 206-601-2985 USA.

  • Those willing to help fund charity projects where we use A2WH devices for the benefit of the very poor
  • Philanthropists who want to demonstrate that it is feasible to reclaim degraded lands without negatively affecting the local villagers and local farmers ability to support their families
  • Philanthropists who are interested in demonstrating that it is possible to reclaim massive amounts of land using bottom up strategies which provide the most benefit to very poor subsistence farmers
  • Philanthropists who want to deliver solutions which can be self-perpetuating where human self-interest will continue to deliver environmental and economic recovery long after their money has been spent.
  • Philanthropists who support programs that can return their original money with a profit so they can turn around and help even more people without depleting their capital base
  • Philanthropists who want to ensure herders and multi-generation farmers are not forced to sell their herds at a extreme discount and relocate to the city where they are likely to be unhappy. Those interested in boot strap approaches which can create permanent local improvements that are self-sustaining will be the best fit.
  • Philanthropists interested in reclaiming land that is so degrades people are mass-migrating out of the area. But doing the reclamation in a way which can eliminate the need to migrate, reduce drought ability to cause famine and reduce food insecurity all while restoring life across large areas of degraded land.
  • Host local tests of the equipment on your land and co-publish the results requires a few summer weeks
  • Host local tests of the full planting system on your land and co-publish the results – multi-year
  • Blog about A2WH Grow Dryland by responding to articles about how A2WH can solve the problem described in the article
  • Local farmers interested in partnering with us to demonstrate rehabilitation of desert or degraded land to produce valuable crops and are able to provide local labor to administer the test
  • Qualified investors who want to help bring a truly world changing technology to market at rational ROI
  • Industry leaders who need water to locate factories in water scarce areas.
  • Land developers who can acquire land which cannot be developed due to lack of water at a substantial discount who are interesting in working with us to prove our system as a water source. This is most effective where addition of reliable water can substantially increase the parcel’s value
  • Ecologists and others who want to Reverse Desertification, improve resiliency to drought and establish life oasis in barren desertified areas
  • Those looking to rehabilitate degraded, desert and early worthless land and so it can be sold at a profit.