Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture

23LPD, 23 liters (6 gallons) per day over 50% savings compared to bottled water

6 Gallon (23 liters) per day Air Solar Water System:

83s-in-roswell-new-mexico-test-day-closeup-0718160951_800The A2WH-23LPD Air Solar Water system will produce an average of 23 Liters of clean water every sunny summer day.

  • 23LPD contains 16 A2WH-83S  units.
  • Condenses water from humidity in air
  • Works in low humidity areas like deserts.
  • Powered entirely by solar energy.
  • Does not depend on the electric grid
    • Produces water even on days when Grid power is out.
    • Produces water after major storms when power is down.
  • Produces water when other sources of water are unavailable or contaminated.
  • Includes all the solar collectors needed for immediate operation.
  • Arrives mostly assembled for fast easy installation.

This 23LPD is perfect for an average household’s emergency water needs

Lower in Cost

Bottled water delivery cost $6 for a 5 gallon jug or $1.20 per gallon.   The cost of water from Air Solar Water 83s will average  under $0.50 per gallon and could be lower depending on location.    Air Solar water is  delivering over a 50% discount while also reducing pollution and eliminating the hassle of returning drums. For every gallon produced by Air Solar Water it can reduce carbon emissions by over 2 pounds as compared to running an electric powered AWG unit.

Product Details

  • Model:  A2WH-23LPD
  • Solar Thermal Air to Water AWG Atmospheric Water Generator
  • Produces 6 gallons of pure potable water per day
  • Operates entirely from renewable energy
  • Includes all necessary solar heat collectors
  • Includes all necessary photo voltaic panels


  • 23LPD Includes heat and PV panels
  • Rated production is ambient is 70F @ 60% RH (Relative Humidity) during coldest 2 hours of night.   Daytime humidity can be as low as 15% if nighttime humidity rises above 60%.
  • Requires full solar exposure 8 hour sun day @ 950 or more watts per sq meter
  • Estimated lifetime production over a 20 year life.
  • Less sun, lower humidity and lower temperatures generally cause lower production.
  • Systems can be optimized for the local operating conditions. These optimizations may cost extra and may increase size and weight.
  • If flooded it must be re-certified by factory before potable water can be produced.
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Joe Ellsworth CTO • 2015-06-30

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