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Remote Cabins where no ground water is available

The Air Solar Water model A2WH-83s can make your perfect cabin  a reality.   Our A2WH-83s provides water for  dry cabins where ground water is not available, unsafe or unreliable.     It eliminates the need to interrupt your weekend to go fetch water.   83S performs this miraculous feat by using the suns energy to convert humidity in the air into liquid water.

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Ever found the perfect cabin at the perfect location but it had no running water?

Or maybe your spouse is complaining about running to the outhouse at midnight?

You can make your own water using our solar powered Atmospheric water generator and turn your cabin into a hide-away gem.

Air Solar Water is ideal in remote and off-grid locations where cabin owners do not want to haul in water every time they visit. Air Solar Water’s 100% renewable water generator systems  are usable anywhere there is sun.

83S eliminates the nagging question about the safety of  the water from your local spring.  It’s advanced solar thermal design produces very clean water from the air.  With 83S there is no chance of animal contamination at your supply so you avoid turning your dream weekend into a misery in the dry outhouse. 

cabin-506637_1280Our 83S will continue making water to fill your storage tank even when you are not there.  Every sunny day it will add a more water to your storage tank so  you always have water available when you visit.

Multiple 83S machines can be installed next to each other to obtain as much water as you need.  This  makes it easy to start with a few machines and add more as you need more water without paying for massive upgrade fees.     It also makes 83S incredibly robust so even if one unit fails the rest just keep making water.   It allows 83S to deliver incredibly high Availability that other Water makers can not match.



“Our Air Solar Water model 83S atmospheric water maker can turn Dry cabins into luxury vacation villas.   

Life becomes much nicer when you add running water in the kitchen sink,  flushing toilets and a shower.”


Air Solar Water benefits over other Water Makers:

  • 83S is designed to work off Grid.
    • Many other AWG are designed to work on Grid and are very expensive to operate at remote locations.   83S was designed to be efficient working off grid as it’s native mode.
  • 83S works in dry locations where other AWG often fail.  Air Solar Water machines  even work in deserts where daytime humidity is low.
  • 83S includes all the solar panels and collectors needed.
    • Other AWG systems quite often surprise buyers with a need for massive arrays of solar panels, wiring,  big banks of batteries and complexity that quite often cost many times what the AWG device cost.    In many cases these systems are so complex you need a contractor to successfully install them.  With Air Solar Water you get a working unit without all the surprise costs.
  • 83S arrives mostly assembled.
    • With other units you could spend months installing a rooftop array and complex plumbing along with a series of complex pipes and wires connecting rooftop collectors to an industrial unit on the ground before you see any benefits.
  • 83S is robust and easy to install,  Take it out of the box,  anchor securely, add a 12V battery and it will start making water whenever there is a sunny day.
  • 83S allows you to start small and incrementally expand to produce more water as you need more water.
    • Other units can be more of a install the larger complete system all at once or do nothing because even the smaller AWG can consume Kilowatts of power which is a fairly substantial Photo voltaic system.  Other can require hundreds of square foot of root top water heaters in addition to Kilowatts of PV power before they can even start operation.
  • 83S incremental array design provides   high reliability, high availability and  easy field service.  If one unit fails the rest just keep producing water.  This eliminates the risk of a single component failure robbing you of all water production.
    • Other units have many single points of failure.  A single inverter,  A single charger,  A single water maker device and a single battery bank.  They all must work together flawlessly or you don’t get any water.   If any of them fail then you will be paying a serviceman to visit your remote cabin.  With 83S each unit is small enough to throw in the back of a pickup and return to depot for service while most of the parts that can fail are easily field replaceable by a DIYer.

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Joe Ellsworth CTO • 2016-05-31

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