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joe-with-air-solar-water-shoreline-0723161643d-1000On our how you can help page we mention that helping us gain visibility with philanthropic organizations.  This is perhaps the most important task we can complete for delivering the technology to those who really need it.

One of the the uses for Air Solar Water is to provide wildlife watering stations in locations where species are declining due to extended drought and to help preserve bio-diversity in areas affected by global climate change.

Air Solar Water is unique because it can provide water in remote, dry sunny locations even during extended drought when other approaches fail.  These times of stress are the times that cause greater damage for local wildlife.  We can expect this problem to get worse as more areas are affected by desertification and global climate change.

I Found these links that include lists of philanthropy groups that focus on animals, wildlife or ecology.  It seems like they could be a funding source for wildlife watering projects.

We also need wildlife biologists to plan, monitor and report on the impact for these projects.

Animal and Environmental charity giving lists / articles

Large & Well known orgs.

Individuals and Smaller Orgs

Organizations Active in Desert Habitat restoration or Wildlife Water

These groups actually work in the field doing real projects.  As such they should have good insight into where new projects would be beneficial.  They should also have good relationships with local BLM,  Fish and Wildlife and National Forest Service and we would need permissions from one or more of these groups for many projects.

  • Quail Forever  Find Chapter.  Search for zipcode 93501 to chapters close to Mohave Desert.   Includes names of local contacts.   Or zip  92329 for Death Valley
  • Wildlife for Water This group that is active in the Mohave Desert and looks like they invest thousands of man hours per year rehabilitating existing guzzlers.  From their web site:  Cliff McDonald  President and Project coordinator.
  • Texas Bighorn Society  worked closely with Texas Parks & Wildlife over the past 20 years to build and perfect these guzzlers.  Positive feedback from scientists and wildlife rangers that monitor the drinkers.
  • National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative  – Smonsored by Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and many others.

Charity Articles

Please contact us with additional links for this

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