Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture

You can have water when Taps run dry.

Independent Water Supply when Municipal water fails

Air Solar Water can be used to supply water for homes when the municipal supply fails.

Do you have a nice home located in a city where water fails more than a couple of times a year?

Is it a frustrating to skip a shower and not even be able to flush the toilet during repeated water outages after you purchased a nice home?

Our Air Solar Water AWG (Atmospheric water generator) can provide water to fill a tank that can083s-front-left supply water to flush toilets and allow a shower when municipal water fails.  It can do this using only solar energy so it will continue to work when the power fails too.

The Air Solar Water 83S unit is available to order now.   You may need multiple units to supply enough water for your daily needs but they are easy to use as an array.

Unlike other units our System does not require any Grid power.    It also comes with all the solar collectors need and is mostly assembled.   Take it out of the box,  anchor securely, add a 12V battery and the system is ready to go to work.

We firmly believe that cities should fix their water systems so all citizens receive safe reliable access to water.  Air Solar water provides a solution for those lucky enough to own nice homes who want to maintain their lifestyle when the city water is unreliable.

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In most jurisdictions you will need a back flow prevention device to prevent water produced by Air Solar Water from entering the city system.  It is basically a one way valve . You may also need a RV style pressurization pump to pressurize your home system when the city water has failed.

You need to run tubes from the Air Solar Water system to your water storage tank.  If the AWG systems are installed below your storage tank you will need a pump to push the water up into your tank.

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Joe Ellsworth CTO • 2016-05-29

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