Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture

Solar Thermal Air to Water AWG Atmospheric Water Generator

Harvest Water from Air using Solar Energy

(AWG) Atmospheric Water Generator

Combine in Arrays to produce large amounts of water

Model 83S is available to Order Now

  • Provides safe water when there is no electricity, no fuel and no source water.0426161511d_HDR
  • Reliable during the worst drought when there is no rain.
  • Continue to deliver water when municipal supplies are disrupted.
  • Condense water from air even when the air is too dry to form natural dew.

Extracting water from air has been done for centuries. Every time you see water condensing on the outside of a cold drink or frost on your windshield you have seen water extracted from the air. Our units scale this process to produce high purity water consistently and cost effectively across a wide range of conditions.    

Unlike dew collection system this unit works sell in hot climates with strong sun and high winds.

Compared to electrical refrigeration AWG.

Common dehumidifiers and air conditioners  have been extracting water from air  for decades but they consume large amounts of electricity in many cases over 2,000 watts per gallon of water produced. Their electricity consumption makes them in-feasible for remote locations where grid electricity is not available.   The electricity costs increase their operating costs and makes them expensive to operate even when grid electricity is available.

Our Solar water maker  is powered entirely from Solar energy. It does not require any grid electricity. It absorbs the water from the air and it can work in climates with humidity as low as 30%. Our unit does not use any refrigerants and can reduce carbon emissions by over 5 pounds of carbon per gallon of water produced when compared to electric grid powered AWG units.    

Ideal for remote locations:

log-house-1045230__180This technology delivers water in remote locations where the cost of obtaining water in other ways is high. It is particularly effective for locations where ground water is either unavailable or unsafe for human consumption. It is also great for locations where water must be hauled in over rough terrain.

Supply Water at Construction sites, Remote Cabins and Mining sites

It offers a unique advantage for remote construction sites, yurts and other remote locations due to it’s weight ratio advantages.    A single 6 gallon per day system will produce about 50 pounds of water per day. That means that if left installed for 5 years it could produce 73,0000 pounds of water this is many times it’s original weight.  In fact the total cost of our Air Solar Water system may cost less than just the freight costs to deliver a fraction of 73,000 pounds of water.  Our system will last over 20 years multiplying the savings.

“The weight advantage rapidly pays for itself especially  when water must be hauled over long distances, over rough terrain or air lifted in.”

Compared to desalination:

This technology offers several unique advantage over desalination:hands-water-poor-poverty

  • It is immune to industrial chemical spills that could clog or destroy membranes
  • It does not produce any waste brine stream which makes it easier to deploy with fewer environmental risks.
  • It does not require any external power sources other than solar energy
  • It does not require any source water.
  • No Source water and no Brine disposal makes it easy to deploy with less permitting.

Provide Water for Islands

This technology can deliver water using energy that is abundant on most islands.  It can be deployed locally close to the point of consumption and it is easy to maintain with untrained resources. It requires no source water, is highly resistant to contamination and has does not require brine disposal.

  • Many Islands have water shortages that are getting worse and occurring more often.
  • Many islands experience salt contamination of their wells.
  • Many islands have high cost and unreliable electricity.
  • Many islands have difficulty with high tech pumps and membranes which must be delivered from the mainland.
  • Many islands have limited infrastructure to deliver water to remote villages.
  • Islands are becoming increasingly concerned about coastal water quality which requires more expensive brine disposal and permitting for desalination.

Many islands are experiencing loss of their fresh water lense due to over consumption and rising sea levels.    This problem can make life unsustainable on islands where people have lived for centuries.   Air Solar Water delivers critical water that does not depend on the fresh water lenses and can sustain life on islands where water is becoming increasingly scarce.”

Military use:

Air Solar Water Produces water where it is needed without any source water and without hauling water across dangerous territory.

Removing source water from the supply chain makes it more resistant to attack.

“Delivering water that must cross hostile territory is dangerous and expensive. It is much safer to deliver machines and eliminate the need to haul water across dangerous ground.”

It is pretty easy to shut down desalt facilities with a few barrels of oil or many other chemicals dumped in upstream.

  • It allows water to be produced close to the point of consumption reduces cost and risk of delivery.
  • It removes the need to haul water long distances to the battlefield which reduces logistical burdens
  • It reduces risk to those delivering the water to the point of consumption.
  • Shorter pipelines provide less opportunity for contaminants to be added.
  • Can be set up so the system provides easy erect rooftops in semi permanent installations and keeps structures much cooler while providing daytime ventilation of the tents.
  • Can be adapted to be powered from a wide range of fuels if solar energy is not available.
  • Rated for days with 8 hours or more full sun.
    • Cooler days or those with lower humidity will reduce production.
  • Plan on 1.9 square meters per gallon per day.
  • Solar Thermal Air to Water AWG Atmospheric Water Generator
  • Includes necessary solar collectors
  • Requires full solar exposure 8 hour sun day.
  • Estimated life 20 years with most components will exceed 20 year life and the rest are easily replaced.
  • 1 year limited warranty. Factory depot service.
  • Technology can scale into the millions of gallons per day.
  • Recommended for ground or stilt installation.
  • Not recommended for rooftop installation unless roofs specially braced to withstand weight.
  • Storage tank and ozone trickle not included.

Superior return on investment.

If you installed a large enough solar array to power an electric refrigeration based AWG unit you could easily invest several times as much money still could not produce as much water.  This is doubly true  in drier climates like deserts.    The electric refrigeration plus a PV (Photo Voltaic)  array would require much more space and more maintenance.  If you tried to operate a gasoline or diesel generator to provide the electricity this cost could rise even higher  if the fuel must be imported.

If you purchased bottled water  you would spend many times more during a 10 year life and that doesn’t include  the increasing risk of contamination in bottled water,  the cost of delivering the water or the hassle of getting the bottles exchanged.

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