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Water Table Restoration

Water Table Restoration

Air Solar Water is a  AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) or Air extraction water harvest device

Water table failures can occur at worst

As we have seen during the last several years in India, Darfar in the Sudan and Ethiopia pulling excess water from a water table substantially increases the risk of contamination. This is a terrible problem because the highest demand on groundwater in areas like Darfar occur during the worst droughts which is when widespread contamination would cause the largest loss of life and greatest amount of human suffering.

In the USA we have seen major cases of crevassing and subsidence cause widespread contamination of the aquifer.These phenomenon can also cause major property damage. In Arizona the phenomenon became so severe that millions of dollars where spent injection water from the Colorado river back into the ground water and it has been a great success.

Restoring ground water levels is essential civic planning

It is critical that ground water be restored to the highest natural levels so that when it is needed during a drought that it is available and uncontaminated.

How low water tables cause wide spread contamination

There are many causes of this but the simple explanation is that as water is removed from the water table it lowers the pressure which makes it easier for surface water to flow into the ground water without going through the normal filtering process. In some instances withdrawing the water from the ground weakens the structure so much that the ground can collapse into sinkholes.

Crevassing which is basically cracks in the earth allow contaminated water to drain into the groundwater with no filtering and can contaminate large areas and make the existing wells unusable. In some instances the lower water table causes water being extracted from wells to flow through mineral formations that it had previously skipped and as a result wells that previously produced good water start producing high levels of lead, arsenic, fluoride and other undesirable minerals and metals.

Reversing the damage and reducing the risk

The best way to prevent or reverse this kind of damage is to restore groundwater levels. This can only be done in one of two ways. The first is to reduce the amount of water extracted to less than the natural recharge rate of the local aquifer and the second is to put water back into the aquifer through injection wells.

Adding water to the aquifer can be an inexpensive way to supply and distribute water for areas that have poor pipe infrastructure and A2WH can supply billions of gallons per year to allow this to occur even when the worst drought is under way. A2WH can operate entirely from solar energy so it can provide water regardless of weather conditions, oil shortages,  power costs, etc.

A2WH can produce sufficient amounts of water to meet day to day needs so that the need to extract water from the ground is greatly reduced.  This can allow the natural rain and snow to refill the aquifer over time which will reduce and eventually eliminate the risk of contamination due to lowered water tables.

Global Warming / Climate change will make the phenomenon worse

 According to the climate change reports issued by New Mexico, Texas and California a larger number of more severe droughts can be expected over the next 10 years which means even more fields will be at risk.

Las Vegas Salt water shallow aquifers

In the last Vegas valley water has been imported for years from the Colorado river while even more has been extracted from deep wells. A portion of this water has built up in a shallow aquifer and due to the soil type and high evaporation rates the salinity in the shallow aquifer has increased at  a dramatic rate. This high salt content water has become a nuisance eroding foundations and draining into local rivers which end up sourcing salt into tributaries that drain back into the Colorado river and that salt becomes a serious problem for down stream consumers.

The best way to reverse this problem is to sink a series of shallow wells and extract the salt water from this shallow aquifer. The problem becomes what to do with a rather large amount of contaminated water. A2WH can be used with A2WH proprietary heat diffusion technology to rapidly evaporate the water which is then captured in the form of liquid water and fed back into the normal supply for high purity potable water.  The salt is left behind and must eventually be disposed of but once concentrated it is in a much smaller volume and can be safely buried in clay lined pits or if pure enough sold for table and industrial salts.

Pahrump Nevada Falling ground water

In Pahrump Nevada and the surrounding county water use for many years have been extracting water faster than it can be replaced by the natural recharge rate. This has resulted in a water table that has dropped every year. Within a few years this drop could exceed three foot per year.    They have already experienced subsidence and cratering natural springs drying up and in some areas this have even been blamed for the death of hundreds of acres of trees whose roots could no longer reach the water. Pahrump is continuing to grow and they have relatively few sources of additional water so the local civic leaders absolutely must find a solution that allows continued economic growth while reducing ground water consumption by over 50%.  If they don’t they will be facing a very high risk of all or most of the valley wells becoming contaminated which will destroy property values throughout the entire region. Pahrumps options for importing water are so limited that A2WH would be the best and most cost effective solution for solving their water problems.

Women walking hours per day in India

Pahrumps In rural India water tables have been overused for decades and as a result some wells have been re-drilled to ever deeper aquifers 3 and 4 times.  With the recent droughts the latest aquifers have dropped to a point where the water is being drawn through new mineral rich layers and as a result is heavily contaminated with Arsenic, fluoride and lead. This has rendered the local wells unusable.   The only safe sources of water are government supplied filters that may be 3 to 10 miles away and as a result the village women are quite often walking for upwards of 5 hours per day to fetch the minimum amount of potable water. This loss has a profoundly negative impact on teen age girl education opportunities as well as the income potential for these families.

The A2WH A2WH units can be equipped to utilize the contaminated well water and provide high purity drinking water  without fuel or electricity both of which are in scarce supply in rural villages. A2WH can continue supplying water even when the wells are completely dry.  larger implementations of A2WH can be used to provide enough water to allow high efficiency square foot gardening techniques to eliminate famine for the villages until the monsoons return.

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