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America can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

After this post was written we developed grow dryland which may be even more important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions or at least offsetting them with sequestration and massive bio-fuel enablement.     Grow dryland can start trees on land where there is nothing but sand without increasing demand on local  ground or surface water.   Grow dryland can actually help recharge water tables in these areas by slowing down runoff when rain is available.   A single acre of grow dryland can easily sequester 17.6 million ton in the form of wood while also providing foliage that can be used as fertilizer or animal fodder.  When multiplied by the hundreds of millions of acres of idle desert land this can sequester a lot of carbon while providing a myriad of local economic benefits.    Depending on scale implemented it could absorb an appreciable portion of America’s total carbon.

Air extraction water harvest device

As potable water becomes more scare an increasing number of communities are resorting to ocean side desalination while others like SNWA in Nevada resort to pumpng from deep wells hundreds of miles away. Both of these options can cost upwards of a billion dollars and they burn large amounts of electricity.

A larger portion of electricity is producing greenhouse gas

More and more power is being produced using Natural gas with coal also increasing. Both coal and natural gas emit in the range of 0.6 to 1.2 pounds of greenhouse gas per KWh and it is not uncommon to see desalination plants require upwards of 0.2Kwh per gallon. This means that for every  million galons of water producing using coastal desalnation plants in the range of 100,000 pounds of greenhouse gas are emitted.

Other ecology impact from coastal desalination

In addition the coastal desalination plants use prime coastal realestate whith large ugly factories which emit concentrated salt water at higher than ambient temperatures which can modify and in some instances damage the local ecology.

A2WH cheaper than other ways of reducing greenhouse emissions

 It requires huge investments in new capital to reduce a communities greenhouse emissions my 100,000 pounds in cars and factories but A2WH can literally reduce emissions by millions of tons with a lower cost and while solving the water scarcity problem.

In contrast A2WH can use solar energy for it’s entire processes and it can be installed on the least attractive land available and can be installed on parcels as small as 1/4 acre so it can be installed with a minimum of environmental impact.  It has zero emissions and and draws no power and uses no fuel. If the land where A2WH is carefully selected to be above the city or point of consumption power can actually be generated using the energy of the water flowing downward. This free power can be used to reduce consumption of fossil fuel power in the region.

Cities are more likely to experience water scarcity problems during next 10 years

According to the climate change reports issued by New Mexico, Texas and California a larger number of more severe droughts can be expected over the next 10 years which means even more cities will run short of water from traditional sources and be forced into desalination plants at the same time when all indications are that energy prices will continue to increase rapidly. A2WH is a better way to guarantee a water supply while safeguarding the economic future of the community by ensuring that a city will not be faced with millions of dollars in unanticipated energy costs to run desalination facilities.

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Air extraction water harvest deviceReduce Greenhouse Gas

Joe Ellsworth CTO • 2012-06-30

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