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Mitigate risks for Cities in water stressed regions

Mitigate risks for Cities in water stressed regions

Water risk for cities comes in two main forms The first is from inadequate water supplies to meet the demands from their citizens. The potable water version of A2WH can help with this problem but is normally applied after all other legal and ethical alternatives have been implemented and they still need more water.

The second is from people in surrounding villages running our of resources and fleeing to the city when continued survival in the rural villages becomes a problem. This can cause a major influx of less educated and unemployed people arriving in the city and adding to the burden for providing social services. It also creates a class of desperate people who are more likely to be victims of crime. This can be addressed by treating the underlying problem which is quite often related to desertification and water scarcity. Our Grow Dryland product and associated process can make living in the villages viable so the people are not tempted to flee to the city.

Grow Dryland introduction Original A2WH introduction for cities and municipal planners

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Joe Ellsworth CTO • 2013-08-27

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