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A2WH Air to Water Harvest

Need Water

No Groundwater?
No water permits?
No City Water?

Extracting Water from the Humidity in Air

  • Patent  Pending

  • Solar Thermal

  • Or Electric

  • Or Fuel Powered.

  • Widely Scalable

  • High Purity Water

  • Deploy on land where there is no water.

A2WH when there is a need for water and there is no water available and when common water sources like new wells, purifying and recycling have can not supply the water needed.

 A2WH fits best in situations where ground water rights are not available and where all surface water is fully allocated to other purposes.

It is an ideal solution when droughts have drastically reduced the amount of water available and when it would be infeasible to desalinate the water at the coast and pipe it in.

In these conditions A2WH can supply water to allow projects that would normally be infeasible.


(A2WH.COM) Create Water from Air Using Heat Energy

A2WH Quick Overview

Imagine that you owned land in the middle of a desert like Nevada or the Sahara and the government stopped granting new water permits 20 years ago and you are 80 miles from the nearest city water.How can you develop your new multi million dollar casino complex? The answer is you need some way to get water out of the thin air and A2WH can help.

What is the value of water when supply is inadequate?

It seems like every day we see another news story where a city is running so short of water that football fields are allowed to die just to make sure people have enough to drink or where farmers have to sell off all their animals and end up loosing a ranch that worth millions of dollars or in India we see a multi million dollar bottling plant closed because they can not get enough water.

When the lack of water is causing problems the value of water is not’t the 20 per acre foot paid by some farmers but instead it is the value of the assets that is destroyed or lost.

In the case of a football field it can take 2 million dollars to re-turf so it makes sense to spend at least that much to keep the existing turf alive.

When a farmer it loosing animals it the value of water A2WH can supply could be the entire value of his farm, land and animals which could easily run into the millions.

For the idled factory A2WH can supply sufficient water to keep the factor in operation which can save millions of dollars a day.

A2WH can provide sufficient water to eliminate conditions where lack of water is causing major economic loss. In these conditions the A2WH ROI is short and it can prevent economic trauma for entire regions, LLC

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Air to Water Harvesting commentary (A2WH.COM)

A2WH uses a proprietary process of extracting the humidity in the air and converting it into liquid water.   A2WH (Air to Water Harvest)  is a new generation of atmospheric water generator device AWG) which are also known as water maker devices (WM) and Water Air Extraction Devices (WAED).  A2WH uses a revolutionary patent pending design that provides special characteristics that make it ideal for large scale deployment in situations where historic designs would be prohibitively expensive.

  • Explanation of using A2WH Grow Anywhere for desert land owners. – Land Owners with Desert land.

  • An introduction how –  A2WH can help cities mitigate the risk and damage likely as a result of global climate change.

  • Increasing USA drought resilience Using A2WH technology. How we avoid the 400 billion dollar impact of the next major drought which the State of New Mexico claims could be the result of global climate change.

  • A2WH can increase jobs while facilitating economic growth – To decrease poverty new job opportunities are required. To increase job opportunities new businesses need to start in or move into the area. For new businesses to move into the area they must be able to obtain the land, power and water supplied required to operate. A2WH technology can produce all the water the Coke plant needs without requiring any ground water or power from the electricity grid. It can allow the Coke plant to run at full capacity without having any adverse effect on the surrounding community. As a result the community gets to keep the jobs and attract new employers while also preserving their ground water resources.

  • Desertification – Growing the necessary wind breaks and soil retaining plants can be impossible during droughts due to lack of water plants need. The A2WH Air to Water harvesting technology can be an essential component of an integrated plan by providing the water necessary to keep the soil protection plants alive

  • Commentary on “Running out of water”article published by June 20, 2003. The A2WH technology is an ideal solution to this problem and can be deployed world wide. If we want to eliminate the poverty cycle it is essential to keep teen age girls in school rather than fetching water.

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