Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture


Light Weight Units for Emergency Response

Light Weight A2WH for Potable Water: Picture of portable A2WH system designed for fast and easy setup

  • Produces Water from Air using Solar Heat
  • Designed for lighter weight
  • Packs small for rapid easy delivery
  • Fast setup for easy mobile use
  • Ideal for refugee camps and disaster response
  • Great for camping in the deep desert.
  • No fuel or electricity grid needed.
  • Powered entirely by renewable solar Energy

We designed these units so they can be lashed to the top of a refugee shack to produce survival water or staked to the ground for people camping or remote mining sites and mobile scientific bases. They can also be easily intalled wherever there is full sun. They are small enough to pack in a basement or closet for those living in earthquake and hurricane zones and then they can be pulled out and set up quick after the disaster.

For emergency response hundreds of new mobile A2WH units can be stored in a single 20 foot cargo unit and then delivered by helicopter for rapid setup. Once they are in place there is no further need haul in water so you can focus on providing medicine, food and shelter.

  • Under 60 pounds for the size which produces ½ gallon per day in full summer sun.
  • Packs into a bag the same size as a medium sized tent that can be easily moved by 1 person.
  • Easy setup and install in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Quantity 200 prototypes as low as $3500 per unit, pre-paid
  • Easily replaceable light weight heat collector with 3 to 5 year life

We are accepting reservations for orders from people in the USA for quantity 15 orders.   Do not send us money but rather send an email indicating how many units you are comitting to buy at that cost.   Once we have enough orders accumulated to run a production run (minimum 1,000) units we will contact you to pay for your units.   If you do not pay at that time you will go to the end of queue for the next production run.   We reserve the right to request a deposit to reserve your spot in the production queue.   The costs may change as our materials costs change but once we accept your payment in full then we lock in your price. These units may not be exported without our explicit written permission

For those who just can not wait we can produce these units at $4,500 each for quantity 10. We hand produce these short runs in our lab near Seattle WA. The advantage of these units is that they are extensively tested at every step. This disadvantage is that they do not look quite as polished as the large run units.

Picture of A2WH lightweight unit showing condensation on the skin

Production versions are approximately 60 inch by 60 inch”

For international shipments we add the cost of local patent to the first shipment into the country. That means your first order will cost an additional $3,500 to $18,000 depending on the cost of the IP filing in your country.

For emergency response and humanitarian agencies once you haul in a load of A2WH devices, within 11 days they will produce their own weight in water and will keep on producing water several years which dramatically reduces the costs associated with delivering water over the medium to long term. A2WH does not require any source water to filter which means it can work in just about any sunny location world wide. With A2WH you can skip many future shipments along with the associated docking and logistics and local people fees. When these costs are factored in A2WH can be very cost effective saving dozens of times it’s original cost. In addition the A2WH water is distributed nature and can be installed close to the tents, shacks or homes of the people you service so they are not forced to walk back to a central distribution point every day. This can provide benefits of reducing the spread of disease because you have removed a central assembly points with long lines which are the perfect locations to transfer disease. With A2WH since each system is separate, if one point source of water is contaminated due to local neglect it only affects a small number of people and we can easily add ozone treatment that will also provide short term disinfectant features without chemicals.

Note: These light weight units have been tested and can be made  but require further R&D and testing to be considered viable for sales.   We can complete this R&D with a sufficiently large anchor order or with a grant from a NGO who wants mobile units.  The best of our testing indicates these units will produce less water than our 83S per square meter but they can be made lighter and cheaper.  The 83S wins on a total cost basis when amortized over it’s useful life.