Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture


Dealer, Distributer

Distributer & Dealer

Air Solar Water supports two distribution channels.

  • A2WH offers volume discounts for our model 83s.  Dealers are welcome  resell Air Solar Water Units provided they retain the original branding and do not reverse engineer the units.
  • Distributors can gain an exclusive in country after they have ordered a very large number of units.   They can gain a immediate exclusive in the country by ordering a sufficient number of units in a non-revocable fashion while paying the required non-refundable deposit.
  • A2WH does not allow exclusive distributer or exclusive manufacture representative for any region. There can be exceptions where a potential representative has paid a substantial franchise fee for the region or where they have pre-purchased over 10,000 units to open a new market or where they have purchased a significant amount the A2WH company. If you are not bringing substantial amounts of money to the table do not waste our time and your time trying to get A2WH to agree to exclusive relationships.  These are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Distributors who desire to manufacture units locally may obtain a local manufacturing license after they have purchased 50,000 units and paid the non-refundable deposit on those units.

The Air Solar Water system is in production. We produce each unit as the orders are paid.  There is a production lag time and we generally place units in production queue when the deposit for orders have been received.

Commissioned Agents

We do not support commissioned agents.  Those wishing to receive a commission are free to buy units and receive a volume discount and then resell those units to their customers.

Difference between Air Solar Water and other systems

Our unit does not use refrigeration at all and can deliver water with a much lower long term cost once the total operational and energy costs are factored in.

Other units typically consume anywhere from 2,000 up to 6,000 watts per gallon using what is basically a air conditioner to chill air to the dew point. At $0.15 per Kwh this means their units will consume  $0.30 to $0.90 in power per gallon produced. If you amortize this power cost into their costs then the unit producing 1 gallon per day will cost somewhere around an additional $2190 over a 20 year life (even more if you allow for increasing electricity prices). When  you add wholesale initial acquisition cost of $800 for your unit it comes out at $2990 which is 190% our cost even comparing our retail to their wholesale.

We performed an analysis for a guy in Sanderson TX which indicated the need for a $23,000 solar array to run a competitors 6 gallon per day system in his area. Even if you divide by 6 to reach a 1 gallon per day system it equal $3,833 for the solar array plus the $800 for the kiosk style unit which places their costs at $46334 which is 308% of our cost.

Capital Intensive Deployment

You should be aware that with our solar powered unit the capital cost generally runs many times that of the grid powered units. This is offset by a much lower operation cost. The A2WH system requires an investment model similar to large scale photo voltaic or large scale wind systems which are capital intensive.

In some areas the electricity cost for a normal electric powered AWG unit can be as high as $1.20 a gallon with $0.40 per gallon typical depending on climate.

Our A2WH system delivers costs closer to $0.12 per gallon for multi-thousand gallon systems but you pay for the entire 20 year production up front. Very large systems can range down to under $0.01 per gallon which can make the system more cost effective than any electric refrigeration based system once energy costs are factored in.

From a commissioned agent perspective high initial capital is good since it maximizes commissions. You do not get any commission on the electricity costs which are the major cost drivers for the other technologies.

The critical aspect of every sale is to get the customer thinking about minimizing long term operational costs rather than minimizing capital outlay.

Proof and Reference

We have a small number of units in the field in remote locations USA. Plan on installing your own reference sites. If you do not have the ability to fund your own reference sites then you do not have the resources to be a distributer.

We are privately funded growing from margins so we do not have the level of exposure the major companies normally expect and are comfortable with.

Discount Model

We follow a similar pricing curve to that used in the electronics industry here in the USA. You can look at the price for most components on Digi-key and have a good idea of our pricing curve.

Current Production Capacity

Our current production capacity is limited to units from 5 liters per day up to 600 liters per day. The technology can scale into several million liters per day but our current facility is not large enough to store work in transit between stations for more  than 600 liters per day.

Importing into countries outside of the USA

We have received  EAR-99 NR rating from the USA state department so we are OK to release the product for shipping to most locations but we do need to check each international buyer against the restricted list.   We do not have expertise  importing into foreign markets so we  must ask foreign buyers to use their own freight expediter to arrange transport and customs clearance..

No Travel to close deals

It is A2WH policy to not travel to foreign countries to close deals. Even very large deals. We can offer installation and consulting services but  we have encountered a high degree of fraud from countries trying to get us to travel for final deal closure. If you have a deal that really needs us present then you will need to break it up into smaller deals that can be closed without our local presence. Once you have established a paying relationship with us our risk from accepting travel goes way down.