Air Solar Water & Rain Capture

Ease Water Scarcity around the work using Rain Capture

desiccated crop cereal land

Water Table Restoration

Water Table Restoration Air Solar Water is a  AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) or Air extraction water harvest device Water table failures can occur at worst As we have seen during the last several years in India, Darfar in the Sudan and Ethiopia pulling excess water from a water table substantially increases the risk of contamination….

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Solar Thermal Air to Water AWG Atmospheric Water Generator

Harvest Water from Air using Solar Energy (AWG) Atmospheric Water Generator Combine in Arrays to produce large amounts of water Model 83S is available to Order Now Provides safe water when there is no electricity, no fuel and no source water. Reliable during the worst drought when there is no rain. Continue to deliver water…

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Commodity Agricultural use not generally viable

Commodity Agricultural use not generally viable Most farmers in the USA are paying less than $200 per acre foot and even in California the quoted cost viability limit seems to be around $800 per acre foot when growing premium crops such as citrus and almonds. The lowest we think A2WH can ever reach without fundamental…

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Increase USA Drought Resilience using Air Solar Water Technology

Those of us living in the USA have for many years seen the re-occurring famine strike areas like Ethiopia where insufficient water has caused their crops to fail and natural vegetation to die off.    Unfortunately it appears that the risk of this kind of disastrous event is spreading into new parts of the world including…

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